La Clinique de physiatrie et
de médecine du Sport Rockland

Are you trying to cope with chronic back pain or a herniated disc? Are you suffering from joint or spinal column pain? Have you suffered sports injuries?

Clinique de physiatrie et de médecine du sport Rockland specializes in the diagnosis and functional assessment of musculoskeletal system afflictions (both traumatic and degenerative). Our clinic offers outstanding healthcare services through a tailored, individual approach to meet the specific needs of each patient and ensure overall patient management and an optimal rehabilitation process.

Located in the heart of Montréal, our clinic is the very first in Quebec to promote a new technology for platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. This next-generation device is used to inject a very high content of platelets (up to six times higher than older devices!).

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  • What is physiatry?

    Physiatry is the field of medicine that involves the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of patients of all ages suffering from problems affecting the musculoskeletal and neurological systems and resulting disabilities.

    The main purpose of physiatrists is to treat patients with back and neck pain, muscle pain, tendinitis, bursitis and other joint problems. Physiatrists work as a multidisciplinary team with a whole roster of different therapists.

  • Consultation with a Physiatrist

    To consult with a physiatrist at our clinic in Montréal, patients must obtain a request from their general practitioner or specialist. The request may be referred to a physiatrist in particular or simply submitted to our clinic for general physiatry consultation. Patients or their physicians must forward the request to the clinic to make an appointment with a physiatrist. The consultation will take place with a specialized physicians trained to prescribe the examination and treatment of musculoskeletal problems.